Money/ATM/Exchange Rate

It’s always best to pay in Pesos and get the money exchange at your bank at home. You can usually request for this at your bank at no charge. The other best option is to go into an exchange rate place in town and do this here. ATM’s in Tulum are hard to come by, sometimes out of money or charge you a very high fee! You can pay in US Dollars everywhere, but you get a better exchange paying in Pesos.

Using your ATM or CC in Tulum

Debit and Credit Cards are excepted at most places, but some of the restaurants only accept cash along with the taxi drivers. It’s always a good idea to have some Pesos on you for several reasons!

Make sure to check the current exchange rate on Google so you don’t get taken advantage of by any taxi’s or stores. You can show them your phone directly for the rate.

Taxi Fees

The average fee during the day for a taxi to go down the beach strip is around 150-300 pesos. If you are picked up from a nice resort, or if its late at night and busy with high demand, expect to pay more. During Peak High Season in January, you can expect to pay double (as there are a lot of festivals and everything is in high demand).

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