Functional sustainable living?

A curated balance between sustainable and modern living. K’in Privada delivers just that. A private, secure residency sympathetically embedded in the jungle with innovative home design that offers customers, personalization, tranquility, connectivity, and sustainability.

Tulum Time was lucky to sit down with the lead developer and visionary for the Ki’n project to ask some detailed questions and get more insight on the project. Read the interview with the minds behind K’in Tulum and their latest project to come to market K’in Privada.  An innovative and fresh approach to the private residential community. 22 generous lots of varying sizes set within a private jungle community curated by award winning designers and architects. The project offers customers the chance to either purchase one of the lots and build their own dream home or purchase one of the original model houses offered by the design and development team offering buyers customization options. A unique approach to what has become is a rather monochrome housing market in Tulum.

Who is behind K’in Privada?

K’in Privada is the brainchild of local developers TTF Group, a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers, and construction professionals. Originally from London, and with a combined 18 years living in Mexico, the two founding partners opened offices in Tulum 4 years ago and have been working on two projects with thin the K’in Tulum brand: K’in Villas and K’in Privada a third and final project within the K’in brand in the pipeline. Today we are to talk about K’in Privada, currently under construction and on time to be delivered for this Christmas 2023. 

Why K’in Privada?

K’in Privada was born out of the frustration of the partner’s trying to find family houses in Tulum that were aligned with their own design and functionality expectations. Often the best place to start in the creative process is to reflect on your own desires and motivations towards a particular set of problems. From this K’in Privada was born. A secure, small community of environmentally conscious homes that manage to balance the requirement of all modern services, hassle free-maintenance, fiber optic internet, 24-hour security, privacy and yet living in harmony with the surrounding flora and fauna through extensive conservation and the use of innovative eco-systems.  A truly immersive living experience.

What are your sustainability goals?

Sustainability is understandably a hot topic and has always been a fundamental part of the design focus from concept. It is no longer a buzz word for marketing departments, but an essential consideration throughout the entire design process. Customers expect it. The vision was to create a symbiotic relationship between residents and their natural surroundings. To achieve this, we have provided an incredibly low-impact development, designing the road to curve around the topography and avoid the removal of any mature trees. The project in total will retain over 85% green areas, 100% of all mature trees have been retained by us, and the rewilding of the common areas with over 3,500 native plants and flowers and even the introduction of native honeybees. Furthermore, each house has its own natural water supply, its own ecological water treatment plant and, while we have underground electricity and fiber optic internet, we have the latest solar panel technology available to reduce energy consumption. 

Tell us about your houses?

As mentioned, customers can design and build their own house, or purchase one of our model houses designed by ourselves – K’in house. The concept here is to provide a moderately priced 3-bedroom family home with a clean, modern design yet remaining sympathetic to the natural surroundings. Understanding that no two customers are the same we are offering various optional extras, that can be bought as upgrades. Much like buying a new car. We have for example, the swimming pool package, roof top bar and pool package, independent studio lock-off, sustainability upgrade package, as well as personal touches to the facade design and color palette and finally three district internal design packages to choose from. A personalization process unlike most pre-sale developments currently on offer. We believe you should be able to configure your home to how you live and not vise versa. 

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