There are some great adventures in Tulum to choose from, contact us for options and to booking:

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CHECK OUT THE TULUM TIME top 5 picks for adventures to enjoy….

ADVENTURE #1- CENOTE TOUR: Take advantage of these magical watering holes and enjoy the fresh water with amazing views. There are thousands cenotes in the Riviera Maya in which we take you to Calavera and Gran Cenote, both just a few minutes from each other and just 5 minutes past Tulum town. Pricing is per person and includes transportation, guide, photos, water and snacks.

CALAVERA CENOTE: Enjoy this cenote with ladder to climb down and 2 holes you can jump in. Has a small bar with drinks and food

GRAN CENTOE: This cenote is just a few minutes away from Calavera and has snorkeling option along with local turtles to enjoy

Option to choose from several other cenote locations as well, such as Vesica, Krystal, Buuts’ Ha’, Tortuga and others near Tulum. Contact us to set up your own custom cenote tour with your group and let Tulum Time Tours set everything up for you.

ADVENTURE #2- COBA TOUR: Take a ride to Coba, just 40 minutes from Tulum to visit one of the largest Mayan ruins in Central America. Includes a tour guide for the tour and inside the Mayan Ruins along with bicycles to ride around and learn about this ancient civilization. Then head around the lake to the magical Choo-Ha Cenote, one of the largest and unique cave locations. After you will visit the honey bee shaman at the local mayan village where you will learn about copal cleansing, local plants and healing properties, the honey bees and their history along with the local egg taco and honey samples to enjoy. There is a unique market place to buy custom made gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. This is a 6 hour tour in total and can extent to 8 hours if you want to visit the other 2 cenotes with option for food as well.

ADVENTURE #3- MUYIL RIVER FLOAT AND MAYAN RUINS: If you love nature and water, then this is for you! Located just 20 minutes south of Tulum, this is the #1 rated top experience by everyone that go. Begin by entering the ruins and exploring the grounds with several different areas and sights to see, including the ‘pyramid’ ruins. After this, you will walk through the mystical jungle through the pier and reserve to the dock where the boat will meet you and take you on a short 20 minute adventure across the 2 lagoons where you will end up to begin your river float down the ancient mayan canal with life jacket to make it fun, safe and easy. This 45 minute float in nature is a once in a life time experience to enjoy. After, you will walk back on the pier through the reserve and meet the boat driver to take you back and then walk back through the mayan ruins to the driver. Your soul will be happy and glad you went on this adventure unlike any other. It’s no wonder why this is the #1 top rated tour, plus extra secret options like the tall ‘view tower’ to climb to see the most epic views of Sian Ka’an and the reserve area with several lagoons.

ADVENTURE #4- MAYAN RUINS & MYSTIKA MUSEUM: The most iconic landmark in Tulum is the Mayan Ruins on the ocean front with amazing views. Take a tour around the majestic site with a guide and learn about this landmark and it’s history. After the tour head over near by to the infamous Mystika Museum for a completely interactive experience from artist Pepe Soho. There’s some amazing artwork to view and several rooms to enter along with a dome to have a unique time that you won’t forget. Located just a 5 minute shuttle ride from the Mayan Ruins, this is a perfect day time adventure.